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Escanner can be used in various fields such as office, home, school, bank, libary, hospital, government organization and etc. Assisted by bundled scanner software, just click ONE button, sharp and clear images can be captured and saved. It's superiorly useful as you have lots of scanning documents such as paper invoices, books and magazines which need to be archived in digital images.Bundled useful software with OCR function.

Escanner Verticle Structure Design

Escanner adopts vertical standing structure design that object details can be accurately seized without worrying about hand vibration or camera shakes while using a digital camera to take a snapshot.

LED Light and 3.0 Mega Pixels Camera


3.0 Mega pixels to ensure scanned images are sharp and clear to be recognized.

You can also slightly adjust the focus camera to increase image quality. 

The LED is light supplement when environment sunlight is week.


Escanner article_4
Scan and LED button and USB

On-site "Scan" and "LED Light" buttons.

USB power supply. Superb energy saving!

How to use Escanner?

Step1. Plug the Escanner USB cable into one of USB ports on your PC.

Step2. Please choose your destination folder and finish installing Escanner software. It's only one step installation process while driver is also being installed simultaneously.

Please uninstall previous version of Escanner software before install a new one.

Step3. Click on Escanner software icon on desktop to initialize Escanner and load the preview screen. Now start to enjoy unique experience of scanning, visual presenting and image recgonizing.

Video Introduction-Russian


Escanner Software

Escanner Manual

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