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Easyscanner-handheld scanner

Easyscanner is an amazing portable scanner which is able to take your documents into digtial archives wherever you are. Excellent for mobile and business travel use. It works by saving scanned images into a micro SD card. Color/Mono scan mode and 600/300 dpi resolution to fit your document scanning requirements. You can also scan by connecting Easyscanner to computer without batteries in the capsule.


No any adaptor

Three AAA batteris as power supply. We also have rechargable Li-On battery model!

Micro SD™ card supported

Support of Micro SD™ card up to 32GB! No worry about any storage issue!

Now your can take it everywhere you go

 Only 0.15kg (0.33lb including battaries) is perfect to take along anywhere!

Ideal to scan newspaper, magzines & books

Digitalize tons of paper receipts and documents in computer storage! 

Easyscanner Photos

Video Instruction-English

Video Instruction-Russian

Video Instruction-Portuguese

Video Instruction-Spainish

Scan Images-A4 paper


Scan Images-Airway Bill


Scan Images-Brochure


Support Windows 8!

We upgrade Magicscan software now to support Windows 8! Click below link to download.

Magicscan Software for Windows 8

Please note that you will need .NET Framework 3.5 or higher to run Magicscan software. If you are not sure, you can download from Microsoft weblink below:


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